Saturday, November 09, 2013


I'm in a west-coast city for my third visit. The first was in 1996 during a west-coast camping trip. The second was in 2005 for a professional conference. Now I'm here for a wedding.

How is this visit different? I'm thinking more about how little I remember from previous stays. I'm wondering whether it matters that so much of life slips away. I'm noticing how northern towns on water share common traits -- pine trees, houses built above harbors, the cry of seagulls -- and how much I enjoy those traits.

I'm enjoying returning to a place with Calder after so many years. I worry sometimes that we will be bored with each other, after the kids are gone, but then we get away and I realize that won't happen. It's also nice to have built so much of a shared life together, even if neither one remembers very many of the details anymore.

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