Sunday, November 03, 2013

Recent Movies

We stopped doing family read-alouds last year, but we now have a weekly tradition of movie-watching. Last Friday, we watched Ocean's 11: by our habits, it was another Matt Damon movie (we watched the entire Bourne franchise over the course of several weeks). We've also been watching a lot of Tom Hanks movies. He seems to spend a lot of screen time alone, trapped -- physically or metaphysically -- or trapped alone.

We've let the kids see three R-rated movies, all this year. First, Argo; then (and these were both accidents of a kind: I hadn't realized they were R-rated) The Breakfast Club and Die Hard. I very much regret the extreme violence of Die Hard and we had one person walk out of The Breakfast Club during the panty scene.

Last night, we watched the middle hour of Forrest Gump on broadcast TV; tonight, we watched the first hour. They blurred all the beer and cigarettes. No one liked anything having to do with sex. The violence in Vietnam barely fazed them.

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