Wednesday, November 06, 2013

End of an Era

Blockbuster is closing its doors in January.

We have slow enough Internet service that streaming movies was never as good an option as DVDs/Blu-Rays. And we'd signed up for Blockbuster mail service long enough ago that our plan was a crazy-good deal: three videos at a time, each of which could be exchanged for a new on in store. They'd ship another when we returned the store rental.

It was an especially nice treat for our annual road trips, because we could get three movies for the road and then return them -- without late fees -- when we came home.

Yes, we have taken to using Redbox a lot more lately. We've streamed a few movies using Amazon Prime and our ancient Wii console. We've even bought a movie or three on iTunes, and once, we even downloaded using our Satellite TV provider. I guess Netflix will be getting our business, now.

I'm going to miss those grungy, run-down stores.

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